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Modification is a change or revision of an order for alimony, child custody or child support and is generally based on a change in circumstances that has occurred since the most recent order.

In Georgia, under certain circumstances, a judge’s order regarding child custody, parenting time/visitation provisions, child support or alimony can be modified. These are commonly called “modification cases.” Although these cases can be complicated, generally, a party can ask the court to modify an order if there has been a “material” (meaning, major or significant) change in circumstances. For example, the needs of the child have changed or a parent’s financial circumstances have improved or deteriorated. The legal test is different depending on the type of court order to be modified (a change of custody versus a change of visitation, for example). And there are sometimes limits on how often a party can seek a modification of a previous order. For example, with some notable exceptions, a former spouse can only request child support modification or alimony modification once every two years. 

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